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Join DVRP's Inaugural LotusLink Volunteer Program

Updated: Jan 5

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As we step into the new year, DVRP invites you to be part of an extraordinary initiative: the LotusLink Volunteer Program. We’ve spent the last year carefully preparing for the launch with the input from our community, staff, and interns. Our groundbreaking program aims to forge a powerful community dedicated to supporting Asian/Pacific Islander survivors, fostering healing, and challenging gender and power-based violence.

The LotusLink Volunteer Program

The LotusLink Volunteer Program offers a transformative opportunity for individuals to create a lasting impact in survivors' lives. Volunteers may select the team they join and commit to a year-long journey, becoming an integral part of working with and/or supporting survivors on their path to healing and recovery. Inspired by Dean Spade's vision, our aim is to build a connected network where individuals grow with the work, the team, and the broader social movements.

What Volunteers Can Expect

Volunteers undergo comprehensive training in trauma-informed care, cultural sensitivity, safety planning, and de-escalation. Equipped with these essential skills, they provide immediate support and resources to survivors. Volunteers also gain access to ongoing mentorship, educational materials, and a supportive community committed to ending gender and power-based violence.

Program Schedule Highlights

The LotusLink Volunteer Program comprises a series of events and trainings aimed at preparing volunteers to make a meaningful impact:

Information Sessions: January 10 & January 17, 2024 (Virtual, click on date to sign-up)

Applications Due: February 1, 2024


Your Commitment and Application Process

Volunteers are expected to attend scheduled trainings, the graduation ceremony, and dedicate 8-10 hours per month to DVRP initiatives from March 2024 to March 2025. The application process, estimated to take about 30 minutes, ensures confidentiality and privacy for all applicants.

Get Involved

If you're interested in becoming part of this journey, mark your calendar for the information sessions and submit your application by February 1, 2024. For any inquiries, reach out to us at

Click here to access application form!

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